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  1. Sent, Read your pms.
  2. Sent to you both, Don't send the link to non-vip members!
  3. Hello, As you guys know our last discord was taken down, with our new private discord it will be a lot more strict to get in. Requirements: Have an active cheat sub Have 10+ Posts on the forums You have to meet ALL requirements to be allowed to join. Terms of removal: Break discord ToS. If your sub runs out (will be regularly checked) Act like an idiot Break our discord rules To get invited just comment that you want to be invited. If you ask and do not meet the requirements you will be punished. This is not a thread to comment/talk to people so don't post anything other then if you want to be invited. Don't spam the forum to get 25 posts quickly! If you are caught spamming the forum you will be punished + not invited. If you break any rules you will be banned without warning and not let back in. For the public discord, please send a PM to one of the mods. Best Regards, cVAR
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    What antivirus do you have ? Have you tried turning it off ?
  5. cVAR


    We're currently working for it, please have patience
  6. cVAR

    rust experimental hack review

    Thanks for a Honest review
  7. cVAR

    R6 crash at the loading screen

    First page on top it shows everything you need to setup. If this doesn't work, quote me in this post! https://www.huisacheats.net/index.php?/topic/18-how-to-use-our-loader/ or here: https://support.microsoft.com/sv-se/help/2977003/the-latest-supported-visual-c-downloads
  8. cVAR

    R6 crash at the loading screen

    Download C++ Redistributable 2015 & 2017 And restart your PC.
  9. cVAR

    vip no enabled?

    It was on hold, I will process your VIP.
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  11. cVAR

    Loader Error:2

    Google is your best friend You are going to need to go in your BIOS. Just search on Youtube like "How to disable Secure Boot -YOUR MOTHERBOARD NAME-"
  12. cVAR

    Loader Error:2

    Yeah one of our members have had this issue before, Try disabling secure boot.
  13. cVAR

    rust hack is undetected?

    I will now close this thread guys. #Closed
  14. cVAR


    #Closed & Solved